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Do you have untreated hard water in your home? Hard water is common, but it can also have a variety of disadvantages to those who leave it untreated. Hard water gets its name from the abrasive elements found in it, such as calcium and magnesium, that can damage your plumbing fixtures, your dishes, laundry, and even affect your skin and hair. While it is not harmful to drink hard water, using a water softener will help your water supply taste better and be gentler on your fixtures and belongings.


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What are the benefits of water softeners?

Before we discuss the benefits, let’s first look at the disadvantages that come with regularly using untreated hard water. Because hard water contains a high percentage of minerals and deposits, you will notice several changes in the way your home functions and the way the water affects you. For example, you may notice spots on your dishes even after rinsing. Many people must also replace their faucets more often due to calcium buildup.

When it comes to your own body, hard water can affect hair and skin. The molecules found in hard water make it more difficult for the natural state of the water to wash away soap and shampoo; this leads to dry, itchy skin and scalps. You might be spending a ton of money on lotions and conditioners when it could just be your water quality!

Now that you are aware of the problems that come with hard water, it's important to see the benefits of using a water softener.

Softer skin and hair: Softening systems use rock salt to ionize the minerals and molecules found in hard water, so you're left with softened water that washes away soap and shampoo more effectively. This means softer skin and lush hair, without having to change the products you’re using!

Brighter clothes out of the laundry: Water softeners make it easier for the detergent to wash off your clothes, making your laundry come out looking brighter and cleaner.

Spotless dishes: As with your skin, hair, and clothes, water softeners also help your dishes look cleaner. No more stubborn spots that won’t come off! Water softeners make it easy to rinse your dishes and leave them looking clear and clean.

Longer lasting plumbing fixtures: Many homeowners find that they aren't dealing with as much rust and calcium buildup on plumbing fixtures, such as their faucets and shower heads.

Perhaps most noticeable of all— installing a water softener eliminates the rotten egg smell in your water supply.

How much maintenance is required?

Water softeners use salt to take care of the minerals found in hard water, but the salt does not last a lifetime. Depending on the amount of water you use in the home, you might notice that you have to refill the softener with salt every few weeks or every few months. Most units feature an indicating light or sound that lets you know when it is running low on salt.

As far as professional maintenance goes, it is important to have your water softener checked and maintained annually to ensure that it is running at its full potential. Dread those chores no more—water softeners allow you to enjoy cleaner, clearer water for cooking, washing, and showering!

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