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A leaking fixture can cost you in gallons of wasted water. This is a greater issue if the leak goes undetected. Read on to learn what to look for to make sure you are catching leaking fixtures in time. Kellie Plumbing, Inc. is your Franklin faucet, fixture, and sink installation and repair team who will make sure your plumbing project is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible! Read our reviews to find out what your neighbors are saying about our work.


Looking for professional faucet solutions?

A broken or leaky faucet can become a headache. The sooner you figure out that something is wrong, the better! A faucet that needs attention includes problems such as leaking, inconsistent water pressure, and limescale buildup. Untreated hard water will eventually take a toll on your fixtures, and your faucet is often the first to show signs of deterioration in the form of limescale buildup.

Kellie Plumbing, Inc. is here to help you determine the ideal solution for your faucet issues. We have quality parts in stock to carry out fast repairs or component replacements. If you need to install a new faucet, let us help you pick the best unit for your home.

Need to repair or replace the shower head?

Shower heads are fairly easy to repair or replace. However, don’t wait too long to have your damaged fixture inspected by your plumber to avoid problems with your water bill.

Signs your shower head needs professional repair or replacement include irregular spraying, leaking, and a metallic odor coming from the fixture itself. Contact us to set up an immediate appointment. We will inspect the shower head and recommend the best course of action, whether it’s repair or replacement. If you need to install a new shower head, we will help you choose the right unit to fit your needs.

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