Franklin Backflow Testing & Certification Services

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What is the law regarding backflow testing in Franklin, IN?

Many homes in Indiana use cisterns and wells in addition to municipal water supplies. This makes it even more important to regularly inspect the backflow preventers. Annual testing is the law.

Although it sounds like a simple test, the backflow testing performed on your home’s water supply is crucial in preventing the spread of diseases from contaminated water. The backflow device keeps clean drinking water free of contaminants, not only in your own home but in your surrounding community as well.

What is the testing process?

Homeowners do not necessarily need to be at home to have their backflow devices tested and certified.

To test the backflow preventer, a test kit will be connected to the test port. Information will be gathered by the device, and this allows you and your plumber to verify the condition of your backflow preventer. In many cases, if there has been no flooding in the area, the backflow preventer can be tested once a year and remain in good condition.

What are the benefits of annual inspection?

Getting regular backflow testing service helps ensure that your water supply is safe to use for drinking, cooking, and washing. An efficient backflow device means your neighbors’ homes are safe from contamination as well, as contaminated water from one home can easily affect surrounding properties.

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