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Why is a sump pump crucial for your property?

If you have a room or basement that is below ground level, a properly working sump pump is necessary to keep that area from flooding during heavy rain.

The sump pump works by directing excess water away from your property. The pump pushes any excess water into a sump pit. Once in the pit, the water will be pumped out and away from your home to prevent flooding. Without a sump pump, water that accumulates as snow thaws or during heavy rain will seep through the foundation of the underground space and can lead to severe damage.

What are the different types of pumps?

Choosing the right sump pump will depend on the layout of your space.

If you are looking to install a primary sump pump, which is the standard type of pump used in a residential home, you will need to choose between a submersible pump and a pedestal pump. Submersible units work underwater in a sump pump basin. Pedestal units sit on something similar to a pedestal so the motor is out of the water and above the basin.

Submersible units are preferred because they are quiet, more efficient, and last longer. Pedestal units are necessary if you have a narrow, deep sump pit and you need a customizable solution.

Many homeowners also choose to install a battery backup sump pump. This is crucial if there is a power outage and your primary sump pump fails to work. In this case, the battery backup pump will automatically kick on and do its job, so you will still be protected from flooding.

What are common problems?

It’s important to check your sump pump regularly, especially before March, when sump pumps begin to work in overdrive.

There are warning signs and symptoms you can look out for that may indicate a problem with your sump pump before it breaks down and leaves you vulnerable. Here are some of the more common sump pump problems:

  • Sump pump is overwhelmed by workload; in this case you need a unit that can pump more gallons per minute (typically a 1/2 horsepower pump).
  • Frozen discharge pipe, often caused by a pipe that was not pitched properly.
  • Outdated pump (pumps generally last 5-7 years).
  • Tethered switches may get stuck and leave the unit powered on.

If you notice these or other problems with your sump pump, contact us today for an inspection and the best course of action. We will let you know if a repair or replacement is more cost effective for you and only recommend the best option to fit your particular needs and budget.

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