Franklin Gas Line Repair & Installation Services

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You rely on your home's gas lines for heating, cooking, and many other basic needs. When you run into a problem, it's important to have a company you can trust to take care of the issue. Kellie Plumbing, Inc. is your local Franklin gas line repair expert providing repairs, leak detection, and even total gas line replacement. See why your neighbors choose us for all of their gas line and plumbing needs when you check out our recent customer reviews.


Need professional gas line repair?

One of the most common repairs involves capping a previously uncapped gas line. This is a type of repair that requires a permit, which is why it's always best to leave this type of work to an experienced professional.

Even if you don't notice any telltale signs of trouble with your gas line, there are still precautions you can take. After any major storm, it's a good idea to have a professional assess your gas lines and ensure that no damage has been done.

Suspect a gas leak?

This can lead to serious health issues if not detected and repaired right away. If the gas leak is large enough, there is a risk of explosion if exposed to an open flame.

Fortunately, gas leaks often don't go undetected because of the overt signs.

If you constantly hear a hissing sound coming from the lines of your gas appliances, you may have a gas leak. More often than not, this hissing sound will be accompanied by the strong smell of rotten eggs. You may also hear hissing sounds from the gas line outside your property.

Even if you don't smell foul odors or hear hissing, you could still have an underground leak. A telltale sign is dead or dying plants and vegetation in the area above your gas line.

If you are feeling nauseous from the effects of a gas leak, leave your home right away. Do not try to shut off the gas valve or turn on any electronics. Once you are in a safe location, call your local gas company to report the leak.

When should you replace the gas line? 

Over time, gas lines can become corroded and damaged beyond repair. When this occurs, it may be necessary to have the line completely replaced. This requires an experienced professional who will be able to ensure it is installed according to code.

Leave your gas line problems to us. We'll get the job done right quickly and efficiently. You can count on us for quality workmanship at fair, honest rates.

Whether you need to repair your gas line or install a new one, trust Kellie Plumbing, Inc. to get the job done right. Call us today at (317) 738-2707 to set up an immediate appointment with our team.