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In need of a skilled Mooresville plumber? Contact the licensed professionals at Kellie Plumbing, Inc. at (317) 738-2707. See how you can save even more on our services when you take advantage of our current coupons and promos.

Kellie Plumbing, Inc. has been assisting customers in Mooresville and the surrounding communities for over 50 years now. We are your trusted plumbing company when it comes to repairs, brand-new installations, and comprehensive maintenance programs. With our extensive experience we know the ins and outs of the industry and keep up to date with all the latest plumbing technologies and techniques.


In need of sewer line repairs? Want to replace your broken water heater? We have got you covered with our prompt and reliable services. Our plumbing specialists do everything from professional drain cleanings to bathroom remodeling and leak detection. Additionally, we also offer our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the event of any emergency. To see what other satisfied customers in your area are saying about us, check out our reviews and testimonials.

What are signs that you need to repair your sewer line?

If you hear a bubbling sound when water empties out of your sink, this is not a good sign. Soon your drain will take a long time to clear and before you know it several more drains in your home or commercial property are clogged. You may even start to smell a foul odor in and around your home or building. You may also notice standing water around your line.

Don’t wait until there is a full-blown sewage backup in your residence before getting in touch with the reputable staff at Kellie Plumbing, Inc. We will send someone straight to you and ensure that the situation is resolved in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

What are 3 signs that you need professional drain cleaning services?

  • Slow drainage: Drains can be bombarded with a number of things that cause them to clear slower than normal, whether it’s grease, food, hair, or a buildup of harmful minerals. Before a backup occurs, contact Kellie Plumbing, Inc. to resolve the situation.
  • Frequent clogs: If you just had a clog cleared out of sink, shower, or tub and it continues to come back time and time again without any relief, our professional drain cleaning services are needed.
  • Multiple clogs: Several drains that are clogged at one time can indicate a serious obstruction deep within your main line; if this is the case it is important that you contact our plumbing specialist right away. If a tree root or other large debris is causing the problem we can use hydrojetting to flush anything out of your system.

When should you replace your water heater?

As your water heater begins to age, a lot of issues can occur. If you notice that the water coming out of your sinks has a brown or reddish tint to it, this is due to rust that built up in the system. Parts will begin to corrode and the efficacy of your unit will decline. Soon you will be faced with higher utility bills and eventually a complete lack of hot water.

Your system may even start to leak, demanding the installation of a new water heater. When confronted with these problems turn to the professionals at Kellie Plumbing, Inc. We will come out and replace your current unit to restore comfort and convenience in your home or commercial property.

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