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Five Top Remodeling Trends for Bathrooms

Bathrooms used to be small utilitarian spaces, often cramped and visually unappealing. But in today's modern house bathrooms are received a lot of attention from both the design and functional perspectives. Here are a few trends being incorporated in today's remodeling jobs:

Reduced Water Usage

Water usage is on everyone's mind these days, and one of the top trends is to replace old fixtures with newer ones that feature a lower water flow rate while still delivering a satisfying stream of hot, steamy water for your shower. Modern toilets feature low flush rates of less than a 1.6 gallons per flush which is almost half of older fixtures. Top shower heads offer flow rates less than 2.5 gallons per minute besting older systems by as much as a gallon.

Luxury Bathing

Absolute luxury is the desire most homeowners are striving for in bathroom remodeling jobs. New showers are being installed that offer both chroma and aromatherapy options, b employing special lighting fixtures and scent delivering systems. Spray heads run from gentle overhead rainfall imitating models to multiple jets offering full body coverage and hydromassage options. Frameless glass enclosures make small showers look larger and more inviting.

Spa Tubs

For those who want to just relax in a tub of bubble bath, newer tubs offer everything from whirlpool jets to entertainment. Some tubs include heating elements that can keep the water warm to prolong your bathing pleasure. Media options include built-in televisions or audio systems. For folks with limited mobility, many tubs can be found that have side entry so stepping into and out of the tub is minimized to reduce the chance of slipping and injury. Remodelers also have many options in either free standing tubs or with built-in models.


A popular remodeling order includes towel warmers to deliver the decadent pleasures of toasty towels to wrap yourself up in after your shower or bath. Designer fixtures for faucets run the gambit from modern to retro, and can be found in a seemingly endless variety of finishes. Nickel plating has found favor in many designer bathrooms. One popular trend is taking the fixtures off the sink top and putting them on the wall saving counter space and simplifying the look of the bathroom, especially when combined with the raised sink bowls popular today.

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