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3 Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Repair

Few things in life are as unpleasant as dealing with a clogged, broken or slow running sewer line. If you are experiencing problems with the plumbing in your bathroom, it can be difficult to tell whether there is a clog in the drain or if there is something larger going on with the sewer line. If the problem is with your sewer line, there are a few tell tale signs to look for that will help you determine sewer line repair is needed.

Before you try pouring liquids designed to break up clogs down the drain, plunging the toilet again or other do it yourself remedies, read through this list and see if any of these signs your sewer line needs repair are evident. If you find your problem, or worse yet, problems on this list, it is a pretty good indication your sewer line needs professional attention and repair.

It's In the Air

One of the easiest ways to tell something is wrong with the sewer line in your Franklin home, is the unpleasant scent associated with sewage. If your basement, bathroom or tub has a strong stench of sewage odor, it is very likely a pipe has broken and needs to be replaced or repaired.

It's in the Water

Another way to tell if your sewer line needs repair is by paying attention to the way water flows, sounds or stands. Listen to the water as your flush the toilet or use the sink. If you can hear a bubbling or gurgling noise, this is an indication that the sewer line may be clogged and needs repair.

Standing water is another strong indication there is something amiss with your sewer line. If you know where your sewer line is located, check to see if there are puddles around the pipeline. Check the ground around where the pipe runs to see if it is soggy, wet or has the stench of sewage.

If you see any of these signs, it's a pretty safe bet there is something wrong with your sewer line, most likely a broken pipe, and a repair is necessary.

If water is bubbling up through the drain in your tub, if the tub does not drain well when you try to empty it or water collects and does not drain as you shower, this can be indicative of a clogged sewer line that needs repair.

Pay attention to the water levels in your toilet when you flush. If the toilet does not refill itself quickly or refills to differing levels each time, it is wise to take these signals as an indication something is wrong with the sewer line.

If your Franklin home has a basement, check to see if there are water spots, puddles or flooding in the basement. When a sewage line is broken or majorly clogged, it can cause the sewage to back up into the basement or even into the home's foundation.

Accompanied by the stench of sewage, the water in your basement is an indication something is wrong and needs to be addressed quickly. Leaving this job undone not only causes an extremely unpleasant odor in your home, it can lead to damage of your home's foundation. If you see puddles, water spots or flooding in your basement, call immediately for professional help. Left untreated, this foundational water damage could become extremely expensive to repair.

If the water coming from your pipes is brown, rust colored, yellow, orange or otherwise discolored, this can be another sign of sewer line problems. If you notice your loads of white laundry are taking on a rust colored tinge, this is another sign something is not right with your sewer line.

Unwanted and Uninvited Visitor

If you notice signs of rats or mice in your basement or yard, you should remember that these pests are attracted to the scent of raw sewage. Increased rodent and pest activity is often a very strong signal that the sewer line is busted or clogged.

Problems Seem to Multiply

If you are having all of these problems or more than one problem at once, call a plumber immediately. Multiple issues throughout the house indicate a sizable problem is brewing in your sewer line. A professional plumber has the experience, expertise and tools to take care of your sewer line and get things running smoothly and flowing freely once again.

Sewage line problems are a nasty, smelly and unsanitary matter best left to the professionals to solve. Left untreated, sewage line problems can lead to major foundational complications that can compromise the safety and security of your home. Don't let a small plumbing problem become a big, expensive one. Call a plumber as soon as you notice any of the above signs that something is not right with your sewer line.

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