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5 Benefits of Hydrojetting


We use hydrojetting to clean out your drains and sewer line. Hydrojetting involves a using powerful collection of nozzles on the end of a large hose.

Hot water is pumped through the nozzles where it blasts out into the pipe with thousands of pounds of pressure per square inch. This pressure from the nozzles breaks up debris and clogs fast. You should understand five of the benefits of our hydrojetting service.

Remove Nearly All Types of Debris

The first benefit is that hydrojetting can remove nearly all types of debris from your plumbing. This is not possible with other techniques. We can easily remove greasy buildups, mineral scale and clogs caused by food. Hydrojetting is so powerful it can even cut through tree roots. This allows us to use a single simple method to clean all your drains.

Safe for Your Plumbing

Although hydrojetting uses intense jets of water for cleaning, it is still very safe for your plumbing. The water will not cause damage like metal snakes or other equipment. It will not cause etching or corrosion like some caustic chemicals. This helps to preserve your pipes for a longer time.

Clean Hard To Reach Areas

The hydrojetting equipment we use is inserted into your pipes from a single entry point. The flexible hose allows us to get deep inside your plumbing. We can get to hard to reach areas that other types of equipment would never be able to reach without having to break apart pipes or excavate your property. This helps to protect your home and eliminate the risk of any damage to your plumbing, lawn or basement.

Faster Than Other Techniques

A major benefit of our hydrojetting service is that we can get the job done very fast. Hydrojetting takes far less time to complete than most other drain cleaning methods. We do not have to spend hours trying to clean just one small part of your drain. The hydrojetting system will quickly remove debris and strip away any dirt or grime on the walls of your pipes. You can get back to your life fast and with minimal disruptions when you choose our hydrojetting service.

Reduce the Need for Future Cleanings

One final benefit is that a thorough hydrojetting from our professionals will reduce the need for future cleanings or repairs. The hydrojetting equipment will leave the inside of your drains and pipes completely clean. We will not leave anything behind that could cause a clog the next day or corrode your pipes. Our hydrojetting services will keep your plumbing clean for a long time.

If you suspect a build-up in your lines, don't hesitate to schedule hydrojetting services. Call (317) 738-2707 and let Kellie Plumbing clear the pipes of your Franklin area home.