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Find Out All About World Water Day

World Water Day is the day that we recognize the water crisis taking place around the world. Currently, over one billion people worldwide are without access to clean water.

It’s the reason that the UN has designated the upcoming World Water Day on March 22nd to be in recognition of wastewater and its impact across the globe. In this post, we’ll help you gain a clearer understanding of the world water crises and explain what you can do to help conserve resources in your region.

What Is World Water Day?

World Water Day is an event that recognizes the value of conserving our resources and safeguarding water access for billions of people around the world. The UN event was first created in 1993 and has become one of the most important annual environmental events across the globe. The event is used in local communities to inspire action on behalf of individuals and organizations and to provide clear information on the scale of the looming disaster.

What Can You Do at Home?

In responding to the world water crises and the looming increase in water-related health issues around the world, there are many small steps you and your family can take to limit the amount of water you use in your own home. These steps could include the following:

Speak with friends and family - One important step you can take this World Water Day is to speak with your friends and family members about the world water crises and the impact that a lack of clean water is having all over the globe. Work with others in your community to discuss these issues and try to promote an understanding of effective and efficient use of water.

Use low flow systems - Low flow toilets and showers are now working to significantly decrease the amount of water wasted in the average U.S. home. You can more than halve your water use simply by installing these systems on your property. And the latest low-flow technology now offers similar power levels to traditional products, ensuring the same great performance while limiting water use.

Reduce sprinkler use - With the warmer weather arriving, many are now planning how to keep their lawn healthy throughout the spring and summer months. But remember: your home sprinkler wastes gallons of water during regular use. Try to keep a close eye on the weather and shut off your sprinklers when you know the rain will be arriving in the coming days.

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