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Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions


Over a lengthy period, pipes can become clogged and blocked from insurmountable usage, residential or commercially. These clogs can stem from incurred daily washing of clothes, bath tub, shower, toilet and face basin usage, and dish washing.

They happen not only in the home, but other places like restaurants, schools, hospitals, hotels and shopping malls. Each of these venues have convenient areas in common for usage to meet the personal sanitary needs of the public in one form or the other. Therefore, keeping the drainages clear of debris that can accumulate on a daily basis is of utmost importance.

Causes of Drainage Clogs

If preventative maintenance isn't performed on a timely schedule, the end-results are an exuberant cost for the resident or business. It doesn't take long for a build-up from food particles, hair, cosmetics, dirt, soap, oil, paper, or grease to clog pipes, resulting in a backflow of water spillage. This in turn can lead to more monies being spent on replacing carpet, rugs, furniture, appliance, etc.

Effects of Dangerous Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions

Be careful in selecting the type of drain cleaning process that is being used for this job. Just as there are many drain cleaners on the market to choose from, there are also many dangers that are present. These dangers can affect:

• Health. When it comes to using different cleaning solutions, it is good to know which chemicals are present. There are solutions that requires wearing gloves or safety goggles. Then there are others that cannot be mixed with other cleaners. Many people have either allergies or asthma and inhalation or handling of some of these chemicals may be life threatening. Therefore, hiring a professional plumber is the best choice for this type of project.
• Pipes. If the wrong type of chemicals are poured down the wrong kind of drain, over time damage may occur, resulting in replacements of pipes such as PVC and stainless steel. These are considered the most vulnerable; hence, recognizing which cleaning solution is well-suited for the pipes that needs de-clogging is best left in the hands of a trained plumber.

Types of Chemical Drain Cleaners

Selecting a drain cleaner for drainages is not to be taken for granted and is best done with careful consideration. When it comes to differentiating between acid and caustic or oxidizing and enzymatic cleaners, it can become intimidating and confusing.

Therefore, hiring a plumber specialist will take away the headache or worry of having to know which cleaning solution to choose, while providing the necessary accessories to get the job done. A professional plumber on the job ensures the consumer that the project is done right with the best chemical cleaner for the required task.

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