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How to Prevent a Garbage Disposal Disaster on Thanksgiving

Let the festivities begin! That's what everyone hopes will happen during the holiday season. Occasionally a surprise pops up, though, that can throw a wet blanket on the joyous atmosphere. Many times, the lurking surprise on Thanksgiving is a malfunctioning garbage disposal. There are some tips, however, to help ensure that a dreaded garbage disposal failure does not make its way into the history books for your Franklin holiday gathering.

Can the Fat

Never, never put grease or fat into the sink and allow it to reach the garbage disposal opening. Do not drain fried meats over the sink area unless there is a large bowl or pan sitting there to catch every last drop of grease. Instead, pour the melted liquid into a can or bottle. While the hot grease may be liquid now, it will quickly solidify once it gets into the drain. Even allowing hot water to run down the drain for several minutes afterward, which is not advised, will not completely flush all of the fat out of the pipes.

Take it Nice and Slow

When time is of the essence, it can be very tempting to simply stuff every piece of waste into the garbage disposal at once to get the job done quickly. This action is counterproductive, however, and can end up damaging the disposal. Items like vegetable peels should be fed slowly into the grinder while a steady flow of running water streams into the unit. Somewhat solid pieces of waste, like apple cores, should be cut into smaller pieces to decrease the amount of strain placed on the disposal.

Keep it Cold

Always use only cold water when running a garbage disposal. If a substantial amount of waste has been run through the garbage disposal at one time, it is a good practice to help wash the drain free of any debris when finished. To do so, put the plug in the disposal opening, and fill the sink with a few inches of cold water. Next, remove the drain plug and immediately turn on the disposal. Flushing this amount of cold water through the unit and down the drain should help free any debris that might have lingered.

Thanksgiving is traditionally a time for giving thanks, not for doing emergency home repairs. Following the above tips may help keep the season bright and the drain flowing free in your Franklin home.

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