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Five Simple Plumbing Tips For The Summer

Summer plumbing tips are just as important as tips for the winter. Your plumbing system is adversely effected by the harsh summer temperatures, but you may avoid major problems with help from your local plumber. The plumber who visits your home will cover all five areas with you before their inspection is complete.

#1: Check Loose Fittings

The hot temperatures in the house will loosen fittings. Heat shrinks all materials, and the Teflon tape used in your fittings will shrivel up under intense heat. The pipes and pipe fittings will get looser as the summer goes on, and you may experience leaks that would never happen in the winter.

#2: Rampant Mold Growth

Mold may grow in your home around plumbing fixtures of devices because of excess moisture. You must check for small leaks, and you must hire a plumber who will fix the problems before mold grows out of control. Mold will grow rapidly, and you can stop the mold growth before it takes over your home.

#3: Water Heater Troubles

The hot water coming through your system is heated by a specialized tank, but the tank is not as effective in the summer months. The fittings on your water heater will get looser, and it is possible the gas line will not fit properly. Your plumber can check the fitting on the gas line, and the temperature on the water heater can be turned down to save energy.

#4: Rapid Warming

The pipes that were frozen in the winter will crack or break if temperatures change suddenly. A plumber may inspect your pipes for damage, and each inspection will reveal small problems that can be fixed quickly. Any damage that is left unchecked will get worse as you run the water in the summer, and you may leak water that will cause even more mold growth.

#5: Pipe Cleaning

Cleaning the pipes in your home is difficult in the winter. Your pipes can be cleaned under warm conditions more easily, and your plumber will bring a special device that forces clean water into your pipes. Cleaning the pipes every year is a good idea, and your home is less likely to develop plumbing issues in the future.

The plumbing repairs and inspections listed here will help get your home ready for the summer. Summertime is the best time to complete certain tasks, and each task raises the safety and value of your home.

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