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Plumbing Dangers

While many homeowners are used to the convenience and simplicity of using indoor plumbing, the underlying system that supports it is extremely complex. Below are the top three most dangerous household plumbing mistakes and how to avoid them.

1 - Explosive Gases

Most amateurs believe plumbing deals solely with the water systems in a house. Not true, as plumbing experts know, as most homes across the country use water heaters. When these are powered by gas, either LPG or natural gas, they can potentially explode, causing extensive property damage and bodily injury.

Water heaters represent a triple threat to homeowners: they can burst and cause flooding, degraded or damaged wiring can cause an electrical spark and a fire, or the gas supply is incorrectly connected, leading to a dangerous build-up of explosive fumes.

2 - The Geyser

Few household owners realize just how much pressure the water flowing through the pipes is under. In order to fluidly pump water to upstairs levels, household water is pressurized. The main source of water from the utility into the house is called the geyser. Homeowners attempting to do ad hoc plumbing at home risk unleashing the geyser, which can cause serious property damage or bodily injury.

Incorrectly repaired, some geyers are powerful enough to punch through floors and even through the roof of some homes. Besides the primary damage caused by the force of the water in the geyser, valuable furniture, clothing and other personal items may be irrevocably damaged or destroyed. Electrical shorts and other hazardous conditions can arise in flooded homes.

3 - Mold

Not all plumbing problems pose immediately dangers or lethal risks. Small leaks and minor plumbing problems, if not addressed, have the capability to impose extensive damage. Small leaks in faucets or wet spots on walls can be the harbinger of far more serious issues. Like almost all problems, if leaks and plumbing issues are taken care of while still small, thousands of dollars can potentially be saved.

Mold requires moisture to grow. Basements, cellars and other areas inside houses can be quickly overrun by mold, fungi and spores. While some variants of mold are simply an unsightly annoyance, other forms of fungi can pose serious health hazards to both pets and people. If plumbing problems are left untreated, mold colonies may advance to a potentially lethal size, and will require professional eradication to remove.

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