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Plumber’s Advice: How to Effectively Unclog a Sink

Sinks and other Franklin drainage systems often develop clogging issues and create an untidy environment at home. The experience of getting the sink unclogged can be tedious and aggravating especially when one doesn’t have sufficient knowledge. Depending on the severity of the clog, different methods can be employed to unclog a sink. Here are a few tips that could come in handy.

Use of a Plunger

The plunger is the most used equipment when it comes to fixing plumbing issues. It works by creating some kind of pressure that forces the solid material out of the pipes. Plungers need be handled carefully to avoid contact with the body.

The Plumber’s Snake

Also known as the auger, the plumber’s snake looks like a cable that is inserted into the sink. This device is able to remove materials that are located so deep within the pipes that the plunger cannot remove.

Dismantle the joints

Here the sink plugs are detached and the pivot rod under the sink is removed. This method requires more caution to avoid breakage. The intention is to find any materials in the drain traps and also to allow the plumber more space to insert other devices such as the snake.

Brine solution

Grease build up from dish washing is among the most common causes of clogging in kitchen sinks. While brine solution can be a pretty good solution for a clogged sink, it can actually prevent that from happening in the first place.

Vinegar and baking soda

These two substances will not only help unclog the sink, they will also help clean the bad odor from dirty stagnant water. A cup of each then followed by hot, boiling water will most likely make a difference. This method is safe since it doesn’t use any chemical drain cleaners. The technique also does not cause any damage to the pipes.

Seeking advice from a professional and licensed plumber is important before attempting any technique. A plumber can easily give directions on the appropriate method to use and the amount of force needed to do the trick as use of too much force may cause more damage than good.

Unclogging a sink is a job for the pros. Call Kellie Plumbing at (317) 738-2707 for plumbing service in your Franklin, IN home!