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The Latest Toilet Technologies

When you think about technology, you might think about electronic devices, alternative energy, and new forays into space. Technology, however, influences practically every industry as knowledge and innovation help us have a better world. Although some developments might seem irrelevant to us, others, such as the following toilet technologies, intimately affect daily life in and out of your Franklin home.

Flush Technology

Say goodbye to your old friend, the flapper. If one company has its way, its new cylindrical canister valve will change the way everyone flushes. The new design introduces impressive power to modern low-flush commodes, the canister contraption unleashes a torrent of flushing power from the instant you flip the toilet handle.

Another company has developed technology that uses a dual-entry system for dispersing water from the tank from opposite sides, creating a cyclone with enough pressure to flush even the most challenging loads. Look for more flushing technology innovations as the world looks for toilets that function better and use less water.

Mounting Technology

Moving the toilet from the floor to the wall makes cleaning easier while infusing the bathroom with a new look. Although wall mounted designs sometimes require framing upgrades, the technology has paved the way for exciting new toilets to enter the market.

Wiping Technology

Modern consumers continue the struggle with toilet paper that has existed since the dawn of civilization. Regardless of whether you choose one-ply or two-ply, soft or abrasive, toilet paper often fails to do an adequate job cleaning up your private areas after using the bathroom.

Besides, toilet paper often malfunctions, putting your fingers in contact with the infectious substances you probably would rather avoid. New wiping technology takes your hands and toilet paper out of the picture by equipping toilets with jets of water that can clean your front and back. Decades of development has finally made hands-free toilets ready for prime time.

Internet Technology

While not yet ready for the masses, toilets that connect to the so-called Internet of Things will soon offer toilets with sensors that become part of your personal health management system (PHMS). These toilets of the not-so-distant future can detect pregnancy, bacterial infections, blood sugar levels, and a variety of other health measurements and display the information using smartphone apps.

Many more technologies promise to make toilets cleaner, more stylish, and more useful. Find out more about the toilet technologies that can revolutionize your life and your Franklin home, and change the way you think about using the bathroom.

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