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Three Potential Causes of a Slow-Flushing Toilet

A slow-flushing toilet can be a nightmare, but it can get worse. If the problem is not remedied in time, one could be dealing with a completely clogged toilet instead. If you are dealing with this sort of problem, there are three potential causes: blockages, sediment in water inlets and toilet tank water level.

Toilet Tank Water Level

Economical reasons could influence your decision to have less water in the toilet tank, but this could be the reason for the flushing problems. You need to check the water level of the toilet tank by lifting the lid.

If the water level falls lower than half an inch below the vertical tube, then the water level is too low for the toilet to flush effectively. This could be the reason you are experiencing a slow flush. Some toilets will have indicators inside the tank on the side to make sure that you get the exact correct level.

When you identify that the water level is, indeed, low, the problem can be solved quite easily. You need to loosen the screws or the retaining clips in order to raise the ballcock or the fill valve. This will raise the water level in the tank. To make sure the problem has been solved, flush the toilet a couple of times. The ballcock and the fill valve can also be adjusted to lower the water level to prevent the tank from overflowing.

Sediment in Water Inlets

Water level problems may also be caused by sediment build up in the water inlets that connect the tank with the toilet. The sediment is able to build up over time blocking the flow of water. To resolve the problem, the inlets have to be cleaned.

Blockages in the Toilet

If the toilet tank and the water inlets are fine, then there is definitely a blockage causing the slow flushing. The blockage can be removed using a plunger. If the plunger is not available, tying a plastic bag at the end of a coat hanger or mop will do the trick.

Attempting to flush hard objects down the toilet can cause a blockage. This is where you will require an auger. The auger has a flexible cable with a sturdy at the end. When the cable is pushed down the toilet, the sturdy is able to dislodge anything on its way. This clears the blockage, and the flushing problem disappears.

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