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Tips for Avoiding These Plumbing Headaches this Holiday Season

Your home is a hotspot of activity during the holiday season, whether it’s entertaining guests for a holiday dinner or having family stay overnight, your home must be in good shape to receive guests during this busy season.

Experiencing a plumbing problem during the holidays is something that any homeowner would want to avoid, dealing with leaks or inefficient plumbing systems is not an option when your family and loved ones are counting on you to make the season special.

Follow these six tips to avoid some of the worst plumbing headaches this season:

Tip 1: Make Sure Water Flows Freely from the Faucets

A leaking faucet is enough to drive someone crazy. A spraying faucet is also inconvenient and irritating especially when you have more people in your home using the faucets. Some of the most common issues to check for to make sure your faucet is working properly include:

  • Making sure there is no sediment build-up in the spout that may cause spraying.
  • Check the O-rings to see if they are worn out and need replacement.
  • Inspect the washers to make sure they are not corroded or damaged.

Tip 2: Close the Shut-Off Valve on Your Outdoor Hose Attachments

Hopefully, by now you have already removed your outside hoses and stored them for the season. We also recommend closing the shut-off valve to make sure there is no dripping or leaking in the area that could lead to a burst pipe.

Tip 3: Save Money by Insulating Your Water Heater

Water heater insulators are gaining popularity with homeowners. Most major brands sell sleeves that fit their unique models. These sleeves are perfect for protecting the water heater from cold air and also helping it retain heat and work more efficiently. Since the water heater won’t need to work as hard to heat the water, you’ll notice savings on your energy bill.

Tip 4: Test the Sump Pump Before it’s Too Late

If your sump pump has been lying dormant for the year so far, you should test it before the holidays to make sure the motor is not seized. Testing the sump pump is simple and could save you from a flooded basement. To test the unit, simply pour a bucket of water into the tank. If the motor turns on, the pump is working. If nothing happens, the motor may be seized and you should consider seeking a professional opinion before the holidays hit.

Tip 5: Raise the Thermostat

One of the easiest ways to prevent burst pipes and create a cozy ambiance in your home is to turn up the thermostat. We recommend keeping it set above 55 degrees to prevent burst pipes and save yourself a huge headache this holiday season.

Tip 6: When in Doubt, Insulate the Pipes

Insulating your pipes is probably the best thing a homeowner can do to prevent burst pipes. Take a look around your home and notice any pipes that may be exposed to cold air. Foam insulation is perfect on these pipes to ensure the pipes do not freeze and then burst.

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