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Three Ways to Prevent Slab Leaks

What is a slab leak? It happens when pipes leak within or under the concrete slab foundation of your Franklin home. Even a pin-hole leak is not an easy fix; the concrete will need to be jack-hammered before the offending pipe can be replaced.

How do you know if you've had a slab leak?

- Very low water pressure

- Your water bill skyrockets

- Your floors are wet, buckling the hardwood and sopping the carpet

- Water is visually coming up from the floor

Leaks can also be caused by foundation problems. When the soil around your slab foundation shifts, over time or because of an earthquake, your pipes aren’t supported properly. The more severe the shift, the more likely pipes are to leak - even break in half!

It’s amazing how much water a small leak can bring, causing damage to your home and your possessions. If leaks are discovered early, they will cause less damage.

The culprit is corrosion. Stop it!

There are several things you can do to slow down or prevent slab leaks. These tips apply if your home has copper pipes or top-of-the-line modern pipes. Maintaining your Franklin pipes can help them last a lifetime.


When water pressure is too high, your pipes are shocked by the sudden change, which causes the corrosion-protective covering to wear away. If you hear a “clunk” when the water is turned on or off, check your water pressure gauge.


If your water is too hard or too soft for the design of your pipes, you’ll have problems. Consider calling a plumbing professional to diagnose your pH levels – you may be surprised at the findings.


That bottle of Liquid Plumber™ may solve a short-term problem, but there will be long-term damage to your pipes. If you have persistent clogs, it’s probably time to call a plumber anyway.

If you think you have a leak, turn off the water but do not panic!

Your first call should be to a qualified plumbing professional, who can diagnosis the problem, detect the point of the leak, and begin the process of repair. If you catch the leak early, you probably won’t have to mortgage your house to fix your house.

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