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Top 5 Tips for Winterizing Your Home

Winter brings with it many images of beautiful snowy landscapes. The end result is a wonderful change in seasons that presents amazing visuals, but some very signifact threats to the integrity of your home. All that snow might even cause damage to a property. So, homeowners have a task they must welcome. Remember, a burst pipe caused by freezing temperatures could cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Winterizing a Home

When the weather start to dip, winterizing a home is an absolute must. Basically, what these steps entail is putting measures in place to reduce the chances a home suffers any unfortunate damage due to the winter weather being harsh. A little preemptive maintenance helps avoid difficult, costly, and extensive repairs.

Five Basic Ways to Winterize a Home

There are a few important ways a home can be winterized. Some require more work than others, all have intrinsic value.

1.) Improve insulation on the doors and windows. Poor insulation means heated air inside the home is going to escape. Higher monthly bills are unavoidable if this occurs. Additionally, the interior of the home is going to be really difficult to live inside. Who wants to freeze in their own residence?

2.) Clean out the HVAC. This job is not for amateurs. A professional HVAC service professional should visit the home and do the necessary cleaning job. Besides the cleaning being done in a thorough manner, a careful inspection may be performed. This way, any other troubles can be identified and fixed. These steps minimize the risk of a heating system breaking down during the harshest days of winter.

3.) Fill up small cracks in the sidewalk. Ice is going to cause problems for the concrete. Damage to the sidewalk could end up being much worse during harsh winter rains and snowstorms as the holes could expand further. Filling up cracks and applying a sealant over the concrete cuts down on these woes.

4.) Clean the roof. Cleaning the roof follows much of the same logic as cleaning out the HVAC system. A visual inspection on the structure of the roof may be performed during the cleaning. A roof that is suffering from structural problems is might not survive the heavy weight of massive snow piles. Fixing up some damage before the weather dips cuts down on the chances of seeing the roof being massively damaged by heavy snow.

5.) Change the filters on the HVAC. Do this if the filters are 60 days old or more. Old filters are not going to be efficient and they will strain the operation of the heating unit.

Call Professionals at the First Sign of a Problem

Despite your best winterizing efforts, something might go wrong in the home. If so, call a professional to fix things right away. Never let any problems go unattended.

Winter is nearly here! To get the best advice on winterizing your Franklin, IN home, call Kellie Plumbing at (317) 738-2707 today.