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8 Plumbing Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Your home’s plumbing network is vital. It works to provide you and your family with easy access to clean, running water. Although this network of pipes is complicated and not always easy to work with, the average homeowner can benefit from knowing a few simple plumbing tips. These tips can help to avoid common plumbing problems and even solve a few of them.

The Best Plumbing Tips For Homeowners 

While calling a professional plumber is always the best solution to a problem, there are several tips homeowners can and should know to help avoid and solve common plumbing issues.  

The best plumbing tips for homeowners include the following suggestions: 

1. Routinely Check for Leaks 

The best thing a homeowner can do is routinely check around their house for leaks. In doing so, they can help prevent the costly damage that even a tiny, unchecked leak can do. Homeowners should be sure to check all faucets, shower heads, and even under sinks. If you take the time to do routine checks like these at least once a week, you can likely avoid costly plumbing repairs from hidden issues with your system.    

2. Don’t Ignore Leaks

If a homeowner finds a leak, like a dripping faucet, they should never ignore it. Though it may seem harmless, every drip of water eventually adds up, especially over long periods. On average, a leaky faucet will waste up to eight gallons of water each day, adding to a homeowner’s water bill.

3. Know Where Your Shut-off Valves Are 

Plumbing issues can sometimes be much more dramatic than a small leak, though. If a pipe bursts, it can cause severe damage to a home.

When you know where your home’s shut-off valves are, you can potentially save hundreds to thousands of dollars in damages in cases where unwanted water is flowing or leaking rapidly. Although you may still need professional plumbing repair, you will help save other areas of your home from water damage. 

4. Know What Is and Is not Flushable 

Of the many pieces of a plumbing network, toilets are among the most sensitive. Homeowners should never use a toilet as a trash can. Flushing anything besides human waste and toilet paper can cause clogs. Even the so-called “flushable” baby wipes will back up a home’s system in most cases. 

5. Invest in a High-Quality Plunger 

When clogs in toilets, sinks, and drains occur, a plunger is exactly what you need to clear the clog. However, not all plungers are created equal. Investing in a high-quality plunger can help clear out clogs much easier. 

6. Do Not Put Garbage Down Your Drains 

Many homeowners like to think of the garbage disposal in their kitchen sink as a black hole. However, things like coffee grounds, food debris, bacon grease, and more do not simply disappear when you put them down the sink drain and turn that switch.

Often, these substances will build up and clog the pipes. Homeowners should consult with the manufacturer's manual and only put approved substances down their garbage disposal. 

7. Do Not Use Store-Bought Drain Cleaners 

Although store-bought drain cleaners often claim to quickly and efficiently clear clogged drains, these products usually do not work and are harsh on a home’s pipes. The chemicals can eat away at the lines and other plumbing parts, causing further problems. These new problems will require more significant, more costly plumbing repair.  

8. Invest in a Quality Wet-Dry Vacuum  

Although a plunger is often the best tool for removing a clog, it is not always the right tool for every clog. In some cases, a small object gets caught in a pipe and needs to be removed rather than pushed through. In these circumstances, it can be beneficial to utilize a wet-dry vacuum to suck the object out.

With these plumbing tips, homeowners in Indianapolis, IN, and beyond can help prevent more significant plumbing issues with their homes and solve some minor problems themselves. 

Need “Plumbers Near Me”? Call Kellie Plumbing, Inc. 

However, homeowners cannot and should not address all of their home’s plumbing problems themselves. These tips can help address minor issues without making any situation worse. In many cases, though, contacting a professional plumber is the best option.

For those in Indianapolis, IN, and Greenwood, IN, we are here to help! Our professional plumbers can provide quick, quality plumbing services, and our team has the parts, tools, skills, knowledge, and experience to identify and address nearly any plumbing problem. We can help get your home’s plumbing back to working correctly.

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