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Have a Water Efficient Household

As a natural resource, water is often taken for granted by humans. There are parts of the United States that are facing water shortages as droughts ravage the supply of H2O.

Today's post will examine the top 3 water-wasting appliances in Franklin homes, and what can be done to reduce water consumption. Do keep in mind that leaks are a major cause of water loss. The wise homeowner has a professional perform an investigation into possible water leaks. This can both save on the water bill, and help save water for the human population.

1: Your Toilets Are a Main Source of Water Waste

Toilets account for approximately 19% of overall water usage. A person can help save on toilet water consumption by having their toilet replaced to a low-flow model. It also is a good idea to have a family meeting and agree to work together on toilet flushing.

This means when one person is done, they ask if another person needs to use it before flushing. If each household reduced toilet flushes by 20-25%, many gallons of water would be saved.

2: Are Your Washing Machines Operating Effectively? 

Washing machines account for approximately 15% of water usage. One of the major factors in water loss in washing machines comes when a person washes a partial load, but the machine is set on full load. It is recommended that only full loads are washed every time. It is also wise to invest in a high-efficiency washing machine.

3: Your Showers are Probable Inefficient

Showers account for approximately 12% of total water usage. The first step that a person should take is having a low-flow shower-head installed. While that will help, sometimes family members will assume they can take longer showers. Having a family meeting and setting a five minute shower time will save the H2O consumption. It may be wise to have a timer installed that will only allow five minutes of shower time on each use.

Final Thoughts on Conservation

When shopping for water efficient appliances, look for labels that state the item meets the Federal Watersense Standards.

To reiterate, having a professional do a water leak inspection is important also. While many homeowners may think they have examined all their pipes, small, pinhole leaks can be missed, along with leaks underground or hidden from view.

By committing to saving water, people will be saving one of our most precious resources, and they will be saving money too.

Now more than ever, conservation doesn’t require a lifestyle change! Call the professionals of Kellie Plumbing at (317) 738-2707 to see how easy it is to conserve water in your Franklin, IN home.