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How To Keep Your Plumbing System Operating Like New

Whether you live in a new home or an old country estate, you need every part of your plumbing system to perform. You take it for granted that you have hot water in the shower every morning, and your kitchen sink drains fast. This doesn't happen by accident. There are things you can do to help ensure that your plumbing system stays in perfect operating condition.

Insulate Water Pipes

If you live in a cold area, your water lines will need extra consideration to keep them from freezing. Remember, even the drain line can freeze. Along with no morning shower, now you have a blocked commode problem. Consider these tips to save your plumbing pipes:

-Winterize gaps and vents around the foundation. Cold air seeping in and around exposed pipes can cause them to freeze and burst.

-Visit an electrical supply store and take home some heat trace cable. This will either be a wraparound line or a cable that runs along the water pipe. This invention keeps the pipes warm enough to avoid freezing.

-Run a temporary electric heater in a cooler basement area. On cold nights, this could be a money saver.

-Frozen water lines are costly, and they are easily preventable. Do all the winterizing chores before the extended arctic blast strikes.

Remove Overgrowth Around Underground Water Lines

It is important to have a diagram of your underground water lines. Keep the area free of fast-growing weed trees. It doesn't take long for wayward roots to wrap around and even penetrate older plumbing pipes. Excavation equipment and operators are costly.

Avoid Using the Toilet As a Garbage Disposal

When in doubt about any item that you could toss in the toilet, be safe and place it in a trash receptacle. Here are some materials to avoid disposing of in your toilet:

-oils or grease from cooking, cars or garden equipment

-flushable kitty litter

-dense toilet tissue

-Even if your product advertises it as flushable, it's not always safe. Be sure, and add it to the trash can.

Now that you know more about the secret conglomeration of hidden plumbing pipes snaking around through your walls and floors, you have a better knowledge of protecting this miraculous system. Begin today to educate the family on the proper maintenance of incoming and outgoing water lines. It helps to ensure your future of a peaceful, happy home.

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