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If You Don't Already Have One, You're Missing Out


Debate continues concerning environmentally friendly means for disposal of food waste. Four options include composting, trash container to landfill, incineration, and garbage disposal utilization. Garbage Disposals are:

Cost Effective

The garbage disposal when used properly requires minimal maintenance and found to be highly reliable over an extended period of time. Cost
ranges from about $65.00 to around $200.00.


The garbage disposal is found to require intermittent maintenance for the services rendered. Odors and/or bacterial build-up can be eliminated
by occasionally grinding a whole lemon in the disposer. Using a broom handle or tongs is effective for dislodging jammed items from the disposal.


Garbage disposals are electrically powered appliances. Horse power ratings are from 1/2 to 2 per disposal model. InSinkErator manufactures an<
environmentally friendly unit with advanced grinding capabilities. Overall, blades seldom need sharpening, and proper use ensures longevity.

Space Saving

A disposal is installed under the sink between the drain and the trap. Moreover, it is recommended more fibrous items such as

banana peels and string beans be stored appropriately so as to be trashed or composted.


Disposals minimize the appearance of bacteria or other unwanted pests. Storing leftover food items in the trash may increase bacteria or unwanted creatures such as fruit
flies or ants; Moreover, wildlife breaking open garbage that has been placed at curbside is curtailed.

Environmentally Friendly

-A study in the recent past titled "The Life Cycle Assessment" found that garbage disposals coupled with anaerobic digesters at public treatment facilities can slow global

-Garbage disposals contribute to increased renewable energy. Also, the renewable energy can help power the treatment facility or be diverted to the energy grid.
-Garbage disposals are a means to reduce the annual amount of food waste put in landfills. An estimated 34 million tons of food are dumped into landfills annually. This
has the potential of creating greenhouse gas effect said to be 20 times more potent than CO2.


Garbage disposals can be selected based on functionality. The leading manufactures of garbage disposals produce models that are either batch feed or continuous feed. Insiders consider batch feed models to be safer.


Smelling a stink in the sink of your Franklin area home? That means you need a garbage disposal. Call Kellie Plumbing at (317) 738-2707, and have an expert install one today!