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Plumbing Fixture Brands Most Recommended by Professional Plumbers

When it comes to plumbing fixtures, professional plumbers tend to recommend the same few brands over and over again. The brands recommended most often have a few things in common: they have an assortment of products for a variety of styles and budgets, they are known for quality and durability, the are widenly available or easy to order, and replacement parts are available, affordable, and ship quickly.

While some top brands focus on one or two catagories, other brands will be recommended for just about any type of fixture needed.

Faucets and Shower Fixtures

There is a nearly infinite variety of styles available for faucets and shower fixtures. The top companies recommended by professional plumbers will offer several different types of faucets, ensuring that you can find a style that works for you while also ensuring that it will be reliable and repairable. Some of the most recommended brands include American Standard, Moen, Delta and Kohler.


While the needs for kitchen and bathroom sinks and pretty different, the same brands excel at both. Again, American Standard and Kohler are regularly recommended, along with Kraus and Miseno. All of these brands put a high premium on functionality without sacrificing affordability or form. They are also all well regarded suppliers that can be counted on to provide needed parts and deliver on time.


A few big names dominate the field for bathtubs. American Standard and Kohler will be recommended most often. These brands are known for their dependable and affordable conventional tubs, but also offer more high-end models. Other respected brands include Toto, Roca, and Jacuzzi.


In addition to fairly strict federal requirements for toilets, there has also been recent interest in improving the design and engineering of these important household fixtures. Some of the brands known for combining best practices and skilled design are Geberit, Toto, and Gerber. Plumbers may also recommend Kohl, Briggs, or Mansfield units.

As you can see, there are a lot of choices to make when considering plumbing fixtures. Depending on the type of fixture, your budget, your specific usage needs, and favored styles, a trusted plumber should be able to recommend a brand or two that meets your present needs and lasts well into the future.

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