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Going Green Tips from Your Local Experts

It’s April now, and that means spring is in full swing and Earth Day is just about here too. This April 22 (and every April 22 since 1970) is Earth Day, which is an international day dedicated to saving the planet and doing our part for a greener and cleaner world.

To help you and your family participate, here are some tips from your trusted local experts at Kellie Plumbing, Inc for going green this Earth Day.

Try Water-Friendly Plumbing Fixtures

Water is crucial to all life on Earth, and humans wouldn’t last long without it. That’s why one of the focuses of Earth Day is water conservation.

You can make the job easy for your family by installing the right plumbing fixtures, including water-saving faucets, low-flow toilets, and water-efficient shower heads.

With each flush, each shower, and each hand washing, you'll save gallons of water, which will add up to thousands of gallons saved over the course of the year.

Try Tankless

You may think your current water heater is great because you’ve always got hot water when you need it, but what about those times when everybody in the house has to get ready to leave at the same time, and the last few family members are stuck showering with cold water?

The problem with storage tank water heaters is that they rely on a tank to keep water hot, and this means the hot water can run out, that energy is wasted keeping the water hot all the time, and that energy is wasted when heat escapes from the tank.

A better solution for your family and the environment is a tankless water heater, which will never run out of hot water, never lose energy from standby loss, and that will reliably provide your family with hot water using 30 percent less energy, which means more money in your pocket.

Try Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprints are a nasty thing because they indicate how reliant you are on fossil fuels, which are very damaging to the planet. Fortunately, if you really do want to go green, there are lots of ways you can reduce your carbon footprint, and they include:

  • Turning off lights, electronics, and appliances that aren't being used
  • Leaving the car at home and taking the bus, riding your bike, or carpooling
  • Reducing your plastic use
  • Saving energy around the house with LED lights, energy-efficient appliances, and eco-conscious habits
  • Keeping your house cooler in winter and warmer in summer
  • Insulating your house better to keep climate controlled air in and the elements out

Try Filtered Water

A water filtration system for your home is a far more environmentally friendly option when compared to buying bottled water. While it may not seem apparent, bottled water drastically increases your carbon footprint, because the plastic used in the bottles is a petroleum product that uses up millions of barrels of oil each year.

You and the environment are far better off if your family switches to filtered water instead.

Going green is good for you, your family, your planet, and your budget, so this Earth Day, take steps to lead an eco-friendlier life. You can even increase your positive impact by educating family and friends, and by encouraging them to do the same.

Here at Kellie Plumbing, Inc. in Franklin, IN, we’ll be doing just that this Earth Day, so give us a call at 317-738-2707 if you need more information, more tips, or need to book an appointment.