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Finding the Right Plumber

When there's something wrong with your plumbing, you need to know you have a reliable plumbing company in Greenwood, IN. Other than arriving on time and solving the problem, what makes a plumber reliable? 

You don't want to put off any plumbing services, so you'll want to make a decision pretty quickly. To help simplify your search, we've assembled a list of tips for finding the right plumber. 

Check Their Credentials 

One of the most essential steps in selecting a plumber is checking their credentials. Being credentialed means the individual or company is qualified to provide plumbing services in your home. Plumbing contractors must obtain a license before they can work in any state. 

You can verify a plumbing company has a valid license by checking the local government website. 

Verify They Have Insurance 

Unfortunately, the occasional accident can occur when a contractor works on your plumbing. They need to provide proof of insurance to cover any damages. If not, you will have to cover the costs of any repairs and attempt to get reimbursed through the court system. 

Do They Have a Specialty? 

Just like a doctor can specialize in pediatrics, plumbers can specialize in specific types of work. Verify the plumber specializes in what you need or can complete general plumbing services. 

Read Their Reviews 

Usually, you can find customer reviews on any plumbing company website. Browse through them before scheduling appointments to see the public reviews and verify they deliver quality plumbing repairs. 

If they do not have a website or public reviews, ask the plumber for references. Calling some of their previous clients will give you insight into their professionalism and work. You'll have better expectations and can make an informed choice.    

Ask About Background Checks 

Any plumbing company that performs a background check on its employees should make you feel more comfortable allowing the plumber to enter your home. It's a bonus if they run a background check on the plumbing coursing under your home. 

This approach indicates that they will know exactly what they are working with and can avoid potential issues. 

Warranties on Their Work 

Any trusted plumber will offer a guarantee on their repairs and installations. Most will offer repairs or replacements within 30 days for any problems related to the service they provide. If for any reason they cannot provide a warranty, a good plumber will inform you of the reasons. 

However, if they won't provide a basic warranty or provide you with a reasonable explanation, it would be best to find another plumber for future work.  


Any plumbing work that could be dangerous to the city sewer system may require special permits and inspections that ensure the work completed is up to code. Verify the need for any permits or inspections and ask if they will be responsible for obtaining them, as this permitting may be something they defer back to you. 

Independent Contractors vs. Plumbing Corporations 

When you start your research, you'll find that there are independent local contractors and nationwide corporations. Larger businesses may have more availability, but the plumber who completes your work may not have the same qualifications. 

In contrast, a smaller, local plumbing contractor will have less availability, but you know their name is on the certificate. Who you pick may depend on how quickly you need plumbing services. 

Hours of Operation 

You need plumbing throughout your entire day, and you never know when an emergency will occur. Having a plumber that provides services 24/7 is important, just in case. 

If the plumber you choose to hire doesn't have emergency services, ask if they charge for after-hour services. Get an estimate for those fees and when they are applicable. 

How Long They've Been in Business 

An experienced plumber will likely deliver higher quality work and complete repairs faster than a novice. Their years in the business are a valuable thing to consider. They've possibly seen situations that can't be taught from a textbook, and those experiences are invaluable.  

Will They Sound Offer Advice?

Good plumbers will care about the quality of customer service they provide their customers, including preventing future repairs. A quality plumber will complete the work they were hired for and leave you with information to help you avoid repeating the problem.  

Providing Exceptional Plumbing Services in Greenwood, IN

Now that you have the information needed to make an informed decision, you need to call the top plumbing company. Kellie Plumbing will give you the best service and advice to avoid an emergency. Give us a call today at (317) 300-4829 to schedule your appointment!