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3 Tips to Have a Better Functioning Garbage Disposal this Fall Season

Garbage disposals provide an easy method for disposing of vegetable matter, and they help to reduce odors in the kitchen garbage. However, when they are used improperly, homeowners can run into problems. These tips will help you to learn the rules for running a garbage disposal, things to avoid and proper maintenance.

How to Use Garbage Disposals (Rules)

• When you're grinding, make sure there is always a good flow of cold water. Cold water causes oils and grease to solidify, so the blades can chop them up. Always run your tap water for a minute after turning off the unit to make sure the food particles are flushed through the water pipes.

• Feed small pieces into the disposal one piece at a time. Overloading a disposal with too much food typically causes the grinding blades to bind up and jam.

• Grinding some small types of hard materials is beneficial for keeping the walls of the grinding chamber clean. Acceptable hard materials for cleaning include eggshells and small fish or chicken bones.

Not Recommended

• Disposals are designed to grind some types of food scraps and nothing else. Never put combustible items, paper, metal, plastic, glass, drain cleaning products or bleach into a disposal unit.

• Never put grease, fat or oil down your sink, which reduces the grinding ability of your disposal and clogs your drain.

• Never try to grind artichokes, onionskins, celery stalks or cornhusks, which can jam the motor or block water drains.

• Don't put starchy foods into the disposal like rice, pasta and potatoes, which can expand in the drains or stick to the blades.

• Beef bones and coffee are not recommended.

• Don't use hot water in a disposal, which causes grease to soften and clog drains

Proper Maintenance

Running a disposal frequently prevents a buildup from accumulating in the pipes, assures that the blades run smoothly and helps to prevent corrosion and rust on the metal parts.

To keep your disposal smelling fresh and prevent a buildup of bacteria that smells, grind the peelings of citrus fruits like oranges or lemons periodically. A mixture of one part baking soda to two parts vinegar is ideal for removing strong odors. Run cold tap water when the mixture begins foaming.

Grinding frozen vinegar ice cubes down your disposal monthly not only kills bacteria and odors, but it helps to keep blades sharp and functioning well.

Use common sense when running a disposal, and keep it clean to prevent odors.

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