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Draining Your Water Heater

Of all the appliances in modern Franklin homes, water heaters are one that many people have come to take for granted. A ready supply of hot water for cleaning dishes or taking a relaxing bath is a necessity. Keeping the water heater properly maintained not only prevents untimely malfunctions, but also preserves the financial investment in the appliance.

4 Steps to Drain and Flush Water Heaters

1. Turn off the water and power supplies. Conventional water heaters have a cold water intake near the top of the machine, which should be turned until secure to completely stop the flow. Depending on whether the unit is gas or electric, disabling power requires flipping a breaker or adjusting the pilot light dial.

2. Let water cool then check the pressure relief valve. This is an important safety step that can indicate if the appliance is running properly. A functioning machine will release a noticeable amount of air and possibly some water when the relief valve is opened. If nothing is released, the valve or other components may need to be replaced.

3. Drain water from the tank. After waiting several hours for the water temperature to fall, open the drain valve over a container and let the tank empty out completely. Let hot water run from a sink or tub faucet in a distant part of the home to help the tank drain faster.

4. Flush tank with bursts of cold water. Twist the cold water intake valve and allow some liquid to come in before shutting it off again. These blasts of water help clean out dirt and debris from the tank.

Getting the Heater Back Online

After flushing the water heater, close the pressure relief and drain valves securely. Turn the cold water valve completely on and monitor the unit to make sure no water is escaping. Once the tank is filling with water, the only remaining step is to return power to the heater by reigniting the pilot or flipping the breaker back into position.

Professional Water Heater Maintenance Services

While some Franklin homeowners prefer to tackle heater maintenance projects on their own, professional plumbers are also available to take care of the mess and hassle.

For high quality water heater services in your Franklin, IN home, just call Kellie Plumbing Inc. at (317) 738-2707 to schedule an appointment.