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Why Are There Water Stains on Your Tub and Tile?

Water stains on tile and tubs is characteristic of hard water issues. Water should contact tub and tile surfaces without staining whatsoever. Additionally, these surfaces are polished to protect against issues like staining.

However, because of the composition of hard water, it readily stains highly polished surfaces and anything in which it comes in contact. If hard water is not cleaned and rinsed properly, it will stain permanently.

There are over-the-counter products that can sometimes remove lime scale and iron deposits, but this is in the very early stages of the build-up or in places in which the water is less hard. By definition, hard water is water with a high content of dissolved minerals. It is these minerals that accumulate and become hard to clean stains.

The minerals in hard water also causes people to feel unclean even after long baths and showers. Additionally, hard water makes soaps insoluble. Pipes become clogged more frequently, and the oil and grease content of the un-dissolved soaps causes pipes and fixtures to become incapacitated much sooner than they would with regular tap water.

Clothing does not become as cleans after washing, and it is difficult to lather and shampoo. These are minor inconveniences compared to the higher frequency of failure in water-utilizing appliances. These appliances include fixtures, clothing washing machines and dishwashers.

How Can You Remove Them?

Tile will have to be replaced. After the surface of tile is breached with the calcium, iron and lime buildup, it will be impossible to clean. Additionally, the grout then becomes dirty and filled with mildew. Shower curtains and even glass doors will become clouded with the buildup eventually and have to be replaced. This is not considering the impact that the hard water has on teeth, skin and hair. The problem can be eradicated. However, it will take the professional consultation of a reputable, licensed plumbing company.

These companies can install water softening systems that are designed to treat the hard water by removing the heavy mineral concentration from the water supply of the entire domicile. These are full systems that require periodic maintenance and professional installation.

The professional plumbing company will be well aware of these issues in their area. They will have multiple options and can recommend the appropriate system for their client's particular needs. These systems are very involved and cannot be installed and maintained by amateurs. However, the costs associated with installation and maintenance will be recouped in the savings from not replacing appliances, piping and clothing more frequently.

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