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Kellie Plumbing plumber working on a clogged sink drain

When they’re functioning properly, it’s easy to take your Franklin area home’s garbage disposal and fixtures for granted. Most of us use them multiple times throughout the day without ever giving them a second thought. However, when one of these important household features breaks or malfunctions, it can quickly become very frustrating and inconvenient.


Broken Garbage Disposal


Most of us use our garbage disposals after just about every meal, to the point that it becomes a habit. When the garbage disposal stops working, though, it greatly reduces the number of food items that we can send down the drain. And if you’re not careful or aware of the problem, it can lead to several other unpleasant issues.


Why Does It Happen?


Like most household appliances, it’s possible that your garbage disposal will simply wear out or malfunction for no clear reason. However, in most cases, there’s a direct cause when a garbage disposal breaks. Most commonly, this occurs because something has gone down the drain that shouldn’t have. For example, if you’ve put animal bones or grease down the drain, it may damage the appliance or significantly slow it down. There are also other objects you may not be aware of that can damage your garbage disposal, such as the peels from fruits or vegetables or foods like rice and pasta. Ultimately, only certain types of food items should go down the drain, and if you aren’t careful, you could end up with a broken garbage disposal. You should also be careful never to let silverware accidentally end up down your drain, as that metal will almost certainly cause some damage.


What Are the Symptoms?


Sometimes, a broken garbage disposal will simply stop working altogether. When that happens, it’s very easy to tell that there’s a problem. In other cases, though, the unit will continue to run, but it may lose its effectiveness or start to display certain red flags. If you notice the garbage disposal in your Franklin home displaying any of these symptoms, give your local plumbing expert a call. We offer expert garbage disposal repair and installation services, and we’ll figure out exactly what’s going on with your appliance.


Ÿ  Unusual noises

Ÿ  Frequently clogged drain

Ÿ  Shutting off during operation

Ÿ  Unpleasant odors

Ÿ  Water leaking beneath sink


Broken Fixtures


Whether it’s your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, or shower, you and your family most likely rely heavily on your household fixtures. Having even one of these faucets break or malfunction can make it very inconvenient to bathe, wash your hands, and complete standard day-to-day chores.


Why Does It Happen?


There are several common reasons why one or more of the faucets around your home may start having problems. If you live in an area with hard water, the calcium and magnesium ions in the water can wear on the fixtures over time, causing them to wear out or become clogged. Sometimes, corrosion taking place in your household pipes can lead to minerals or debris building up in the fixtures and causing problems. Additionally, if your household has low-quality fixtures or fixtures that have been installed improperly, they will typically have shorter lifespans and be more prone to breaking.


What Are the Symptoms?


If your shower or one of your sink faucets suddenly stops producing water, you’ll know immediately that you need to have it looked at by professionals. In some cases, though, the indicators will be more subtle. Keep your eyes open for any of the following warning signs. When you notice them, contact a professional plumber that offers high-quality repair and installation services for faucets, fixtures, and sinks.


Ÿ  Low water pressure

Ÿ  Regular or constant dripping

Ÿ  Inconsistent flow

Ÿ  Unusual noises