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Kellie plumber snaking a clogged drain in Greenwood

Clearing the Clogs:  5 Reasons to Get a Professional Drain Cleaning

Does it seem like your drains are always clogged? Instead of stressing about pooling shower water or a slow draining sink, consider the many benefits that come from a professional drain cleaning for your home.

Do I Need Drain Cleaning?

While you can’t see some of the drains in your home, there are several ways to tell whether they need to be cleaned.

Schedule a drain cleaning right away if you are experiencing:

  • Foul smells from drains
  • Slow-moving drains
  • Standing water
  • Frequent clogs
  • An abundance of fruit flies
  • Overflowing toilets

While these pesky problems can seem scary, a professional plumber can help you to resolve them quickly.

Fruit Flies

A dirty drain with blockage or food build-up is often the culprit for strong odors and fruit flies in drains. Whenever particles of food get stuck in your drains, they begin to rot, and their odor quickly moves up your drains and into your kitchen sink. If the strong smells weren’t bad enough, fruit flies can also appear.

Fruit flies are particularly attracted to the leftover food in drains. Running hot water down the drain will not effectively kill fruit flies or push food particles down the drain. Fruit flies can survive hot water and may still stay around after you pour DIY solutions like vinegar or bleach down the drain.

Drain cleaning can resolve this issue thoroughly. It can eliminate blockages and build-up on the walls of your drain, ensuring that there are no tasty treats for fruit flies to find.

Here are just a few other benefits that come from a professional drain cleaning.

Full Drain Inspections

Dealing with constant clogs or slow-moving drains can be a hassle. Clogs and slow-moving drains are often caused by blockages that can only be removed with professional drain cleaning.

While they are cleaning your drains, plumbers can also inspect your drains to make sure there aren’t any leaks or other damaging issues. Cleaning and regular maintenance will lead to an improved drainage system that homeowners can rely on.

Save Money and Time

DIY drain cleaning solutions can be expensive and inefficient. Store-bought liquid drain cleaning solutions promise clean drains in an hour but often don’t work for very long since they don’t actually solve the underlying problem. Within a few months, you will likely find yourself purchasing more of these liquid drain cleaning solutions and wasting more time worrying about a clogged drain.

Worst of all, these chemical cleaners can degrade your pipes, weakening them significantly.

When you get a professional drain cleaning instead, your plumber can use high-tech, safe tools to clear out clogs completely, ensuring that the problem is solved for good.

Expert Insight

During a professional drain cleaning appointment, one of our plumbing technicians will teach you and your family members how to prevent clogs. We will explain effective ways to protect your drains and keep them clean.

Professional Solutions

Professional drain cleaning services provide access to technology that an average homeowner can not purchase. This technology is effective and can guarantee that your home’s drains are thoroughly cleaned. 

Peace of Mind

Don’t waste any more time wondering if the kitchen sink will stink or the shower will drain fast enough for everyone to use it while they’re getting ready in the morning. Partnering with a professional drain cleaning service will give you peace of mind that your drains are fully clean and functional. You can rest easy knowing that clogs and pooling water are a thing of the past.

How Often Should I Professionally Clean My Drains?

While professional drain cleaning takes only a few hours for a plumber to complete, it can last for a long time.

We recommend that household drains are professionally cleaned every few years. If you live in a home with an older plumbing system, you may need to have your drains professionally cleaned more often. You should also consider more frequent cleanings for sewer or basement drains.

Our team of professional plumbing technicians can help you to determine the best drain cleaning schedule for your home and drainage system.

Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Are you looking for a local drain cleaning company in Indiana? Consider Kellie Plumbing. We have over 60 years of experience servicing the local area and are dedicated to providing the best service to our customers.

Trust our team to professionally clean your home’s drains and provide you with information to help you maintain and extend the life of your drainage system.